[TUTORIAL] The Best Tips and Tricks for Musically 2018!

Musical.ly is an awesome app that Dubsmash, Instagram and Vine users definitely need to check out. This is what users and parents need to know about Musically in 2018. We have new tips and tricks to help you get that crown in 2018.

On the surface the Musical.ly app is a lip sync app, but there is more to it than that, and 60 million users are using this app regularly. The app even landed, Baby Ariel, one of the popular Musical.ly users on Good Morning America.

Users can Go Live on Musical.ly using the Live.ly app on the iPhone to live stream moments with fans. You can also do Musical.ly Duets with other users. The app now allows users to make a Musical.ly story that combines multiple clips up to 60 seconds in length. A new tab shows Musical.ly videos near you, in your city if there are any.


The musical.ly iPhone app delivers an instant video experience that lets users take part in contests, follow power users, musicians and celebrities as a way to get started. Users can also use the musical.ly app to create instant music videos that combine a variety of effects and lip sync voice overs.

Here’s what you need to know about the insanely popular iPhone and Android app, that you need to download and check out now.





What is Musical.ly?

Create hilarious and fun videos in the musical.ly app.
Create hilarious and fun videos in the musical.ly app.

The musical.ly app is more than just a lip sync video creation tool like Dubsmash, it’s a full on social network with challenges, hilarious and talented creators to entertain you and a powerful tool to make your own music infused videos to share on musical.ly or to save and share privately.

Musical.ly is a free app and we did not find any in-app purchases yet, which is surprising for how much the app offers. Some of the editing features are only available after you share a musical.ly video to a service like Instagram, but most users will probably do this anyway.

Similar to Vine and other recent video apps, users can record multiple clips that splice together for great jump cuts that transition from one scene to the next. After you shoot or import a video to the app you can add music to it and perform a variety of effects to upgrade it.

How to Musical.ly

When you get started, using Musical.ly is simple to use, but you can really take your game to the next level by combining hand gestures, moving your camera and combining good lighting.



Use the Musical.ly tutorial from Baby Ariel to learn how you can make better Musical.ly music videos and get more people to follow you in the app.

Go Live On Musical.ly

With the new Live.ly app users can now go live on Musical.ly. This is only available on the iPhone at this time. The Live.ly app is open to all users now and is already gaining traction with shows from Musical.ly stars and a billionaire.

The Live.ly app lets you go live on Musical.ly.
Go live on Muiscal.ly with the Live.ly app.

You can check out this guide to the Live.ly app to learn what you need to know about going live on Musical.ly with this new companion app from the makers of Musical.ly.

How to do a Duet on Musical.ly

You can sing a duet on Musical.ly with your friends even if you aren’t at the same place. You need to be following each other, as you cannot create a duet unless they also follow you.

  1. Find a musically of someone you follow.
  2. Tap on the … icon in the lower right.
  3. Then choose start duet now.

Now you just need to make a musically like you normally would and you’re ready to star in a duet.

How Old Do you Have to Be to Use Musical.ly?

The Musical.ly app is attracting users of all ages, but there is an age limit that you need to cross before you can officially use the app.

According to the terms of service, you must be at least 13. If the company discovers you are under 13, they can delete your account and all data associated with it. That means your videos will disappear.

How to Change Musical.ly Password

You can change your Musical.ly password or reset a forgotten Musical.ly password quite easily. Here’s how to get a new Musical.ly password in less than a minute;

  • Choose forget password on the home screen when logged out.
  • Enter the phone number or email used to sign up for Musical.ly
  • Find the link emailed or sent to your phone and click the link.

You need to be logged out to use this option, so make sure you have the right email and phone number connected to your account. The reset is only valid for one day, so make sure you do this shortly after you get the email or text.

Fake Musical.ly Apps

There are a number of fake Musical.ly apps and online services that promise you followers and a Musical.ly crown. Don’t spend money on any of these services or share your personal information with themDoingnd so could violate the Musical.ly rules which could cause your account to be removed and you could also share your personal information with a nefarious party.

Crazy Video Effects

While you might stick to making music themed videos in musical.ly, some of the best features focus on the musical.ly video effects.



Users can shoot video in Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast and Time Lapse modes to start, but when it comes time to edit, you can do much more. There is a cool reverse mode that delivers hilarious editing opportunities, a Time Trap to repeat a cool moment and a Relativity option to change speeds.

These effects really make the app, especially for users who don’t want to get in front of the camera to lip sync.

Musical.ly Challenges & Contests

If you are the type of person who likes to win and compete in challenges, you’ll enjoy the contests and challenges in the musical.ly app. There are a rotating list of trending topics that you can compete in and official musical.ly challenges that allow you to show your talent with a focused topic.

Take part in musical.ly contests and challenges.
Take part in musical.ly contests and challenges.

Right now there is a musical.ly lip sync contest and the Don’t Judge Challenge just wrapped up. Tap on the search icon to see trending tags. If you want to create your own version of any song you see someone else lip syncing to you can tap the circle with album art and a small yellow dot in the upper right.

All of your musical.ly videos are in portrait mode, so keep that in mind when you film.

Save Private Musical.ly Videos

If you want to save a musical.ly video to share with one person or to share on another social network you can do that without any hacks or workarounds.

Save a musical.ly video privately to share on another service.
Save a musical.ly video privately to share on another service.

Film your video and edit your video, and where you would normally enter a hashtag, tap on Save private option. This will save to your camera roll and you can also choose to share to other services from the next screen.

You can also share and upload right from your camera roll to get the video where you want it.

Musical.ly Android And Amazon

Users can download the Musical.ly Android app from Google Play. This is a free app with regular updates and features that mirror the iPhone version for the most part.

One word of warning about Android Musical.ly use is that it does not work on all phones and tablets. The company states, “We’re working very hard to make the musical.ly app available to all Android owners; unfortunately, some of the Android phone models and tablets are not yet supported. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and thank for your patience.”

The Musical.ly Android app runs on Android 4.1 and up and users currently rate it a 4.2 out of five. There is also a Muscial.ly app on the Amazon app store.

How to Record Without Holding the Button on Musical.ly

You no longer need to hold the button to record a Musical.ly. Open the app and then you need to tap on the Plus sign. Now choose your method of recording and tap on the timer-like icon.

Now you can record a musical.ly without holding the button down. The app will give you a five second countdown before it starts recording. You can then tap the red circle to stop recording.

How to Make Your Musical.ly Account Private

You can make your Musical.ly account private so that other users cannot see your musicals unless they follow you and you approve them.

Go to your profile by tapping on the head in the lower left and then tap on the Settings gear in the upper right.

Next, tap on Settings and scroll down until you see Private Account. You can then toggle this on.


How to Block Someone on Musical.ly

If you need to block someone on Musical.ly because they are bothering you or you just don’t want them to see your musical.ly videos it is a simple process. Keep in mind that they could make a new Musical.ly account and then see your content again, but this is a good start.

Block someone on Musical.ly.
Block someone on Musical.ly.

Go to their account page on Musical.ly using search or by tapping on their name somewhere that they are contacting you.

On their account page tap on the three dots to open up settings for that user. This is in the upper right corner.

Tap on Block this user and you will see a message confirming that you blocked a Musical.ly user.
Tap on Block this user and you will see a message confirming that you blocked a Musical.ly user.

Now tap on block this user and you will see a message that the user can no longer leave a message to you. If they are sending threatening messages, you can tap on report abuse.

Get Featured on Musical.ly

You can get featured on Musical.ly by making awesome content. The best way to try to get a features Musical.ly video is to be “creative, original, entertaining, or a combination of all three qualities.”

There is no way to pay to be featured, but you can boost your odds by checking the trending hashtags on the Discover screen and making more videos that connect to the trends.

It is not a good idea to try to game the system by paying for features, followers or hearts. The company states, “musical.ly does not condone or endorse any website which offers to sell crowns, features, likes, or followers. We are not responsible for damages that result from participation in these websites.”

Musical.ly Tips & Tricks

After you start to master the basics of Musical.ly you can use the tips and tricks that Arii shares in the video above to add to your skills. Arii goes into hand gestures and camera motions that can complete your videos.


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